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Past Events

In March 2012, former NZUGA Chair, Robin Clark, spoke on "Art and Science", telling us of his work using light spectrums to date antique and ancient paintings and manuscripts. At the end of the talk, Robin was thanked for his contribution over many years to the NZUGA and given a set of pounamu (New Zealand Greenstone Jade) cufflinks.

At our October 2011 event, Damien Grant spoke on "Building against earthquakes; lessons from Christchurch". Following his address, Belinda Brown, Deputy High Commissioner, gave us a brief update on the situation in Christchurch and the impact to the New Zealand economy. 

Read a report of the event by NZUGA member Tom Aitken.


Damien Grant

Damien using a model to demonstrate wall construction

Former NZUGA Chairman Robin Clark
& Deputy High Commissioner Belinda Brown


Damien Grant & Chairman Jim Croll


Committee members Rebecca & Di  with guest Denise

A printable list of recent speakers is available here

NZUGA member Tom Aitken has shared his reports of recent events here:
Gill Greer - June 2011
Damien Grant - October 2011


The balcony door to the penthouse remains open on a surprisingly balmy Autumn evening.  All eyes to the front as the Speaker section of the evening begins.

NZUGA Chairman (to 2011) Robin Clark (left) stands by as our (then) patron, NZ High Commissioner Rt Hon Jonathan Hunt ONZ takes the podium to speak briefly to members and guests during the AGM part of the meeting in Oct 06.